Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Spelling Ideas

Spelling Squares - Pass out a blank sheet with 12 premade squares on it. (Or however many words your spelling list has) The students must put 1 spelling word in each box underlining the phonograms. Once they are done, they cut out the boxes. We store them in zip lock backs and they are sent home Thursday to help study for the test Friday. Then students can sort them (word families, rhyming words, ABC order).

Rainbow Words - As part of my first grade morning routine, I have my students do Rainbow Spelling Words. They trace their spelling words everyday with a colored pencil. At the end of the week, they have practiced writing them 5 times, as well as worked on handwriting.

Spelling and Phonemic Awareness - I also use our weekly spelling words as the words we use for our Daily Phonemic Awareness Activities including:
* Recognizing and producing Rhymes
* Segmentation of Words into Syllables
* Awareness of Initial Consonant Segments
* Awareness of Final Consonant Segments
* Segmentation of Onset and Rime
* Phoneme Segmentation
* Blending of Syllables and Phonemes
* Phoneme Manipulation – adding and deleting phonemes


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  2. My students love rainbow words. I use rainbow pencils or have them use several colors at once. I like the idea of them having a set sheet to work on. We also love the letter stamps from Lakeshore. You use them with playdougg:) We also use www.spellingcity.com as a center and at home for homework. It is a great site where I can store my leveled lists on. Thanks for sharing your ideas with us!
    The Schroeder Page