Friday, July 8, 2011

Ahoy! First Week Pirate Activities

I found this great book called Pirate School by Cathy Dubowski.  So I decided to do a pirate theme the first week to get the kids excited to be back to school.  This book includes a list of pirate rules.  Of course, pirate rules are very different from our rules.  This should lead to a good discussion about why rules are important.  Then, our class will brainstorm a list of rules for our classroom.  I will chart suggestions under the categories = respect, responsible and safe (these are our 3 classroom rules.  Most of the class suggestions will fit into one of these categories).  After we generate our rules, we will discuss our classroom behavior plan.

Getting to Know Each Other – I modified the activity by Michelle at First Grade Best Find a Friend Who…  to have a pirate theme.

Spy Glass - Each student will paint a paper towel roll black and decorate it to look like a spy glass.  Then we will use them to play "I Spy Letters" and go on letter hunts to review the alphabet.  You can also review sight words and numbers using the spy glasses. 

Pirate ABC Book – Each student will be assigned a letter and we will make a class book to review the letters. 

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