Monday, June 17, 2013

The Kissing Hand Activities

The Kissing Hand is an excellent book to read on the first day of school to children who are apprehensive about the beginning kindergarten. As kindergarteners head to school, they often have a difficult time separating from their parents. The book is shows students how to cope with their feelings.

Here are some of the activities I will be using this year.

I found this activity on Teachers Pay Teachers, created by Brooke Hilderbrand.  This freebie includes ideas for a Kissing Hand map, a predictable chart, and a class book. Just print the book cover and student page, copy, and start writing with your new friends!


Write the sentence "This is _____________'s hand." on a sentence strip and place the sentence strip at the top of the pocket chart. Put a name card in the blank space of the sentence strip. Have each child read the sentence when his/her name is seen.

Finger Poem:  Raccoon, Raccoon (By:  Pam Miller)

Raccoon, raccoon, (make a mask around your eyes with your fingers)
Up in a tree, (both arms raised)
Raccoon, Raccoon,
You can't see me. (Cover eyes)
Raccoon, raccoon,
I can see you (one hand on your eyes, one pointing out to imaginary
Eating fish and corn and birds’ eggs too. (imitate eating motions)
Raccoon, raccoon,
Hunting at night, (hands shade eyes as if squinting in the dark)
Raccoon, raccoon,
Sleeps in daylight. (the usual sleeping motion we all