Sunday, April 17, 2011

A special kind of class: Alphabetical Order

A special kind of class: Alphabetical Order This is soooo cute. We just finished our famr unit but I love this.

Farm Unit

We started our farm unit by creating a KWL Chart in the shape of a barn.  On the chart, I only write what we know and what we wonder.  We write what we learned on chart paper during our morning message.

We created a list of farm animals.  When I wrote the list, I left off the beginning sound.  My students helped me fill in the beginning sounds.  We then talked about some of the animals on a farm and their jobs.  I was careful not to discuss that we eat some of hte farm animals.  So I let my students come up with the answers.  The cat catches mice.  Goats give us milk.  Dogs help the farmer keep the animals from roaming away.  Horses are for riding.  Chickens and ducks give us eggs.  Cows give us milk.  Sheep give us wool to make clothes.  And my favorite answer is pigs roll in the mud.  So of course we talked about why pigs roll in the mud - to keep cool.  It is the same as applying sun tan lotion.

We learned about what characteristics a bird and a mammal have.  We than classified fram animals by those characteristics.

We read a book about farms and listed what a farmer does.  Wow!  Farmer sure are busy.  We talked about how most of our food comes from farms and how important farms are.

We discussed crops that gorw on farms.  We defined what is a fruit and what is a vegetable.  We than sorted pictured of crops into categories - fruit and vegetables.  (Fruits have seeds and vegetables do not).